My encounter with a destitute woman with 2 kids on the street...

My encounter with a destitute woman with 2 kids on the street in Ikeja.(part 1)


BY AZEMOBOR GREGORY. As I was going to the bank, early morning, june 16th 2016, along Obafemi Awolowo way, Ikeja-Lagos, the strident voice of a woman, shouting at the top her voice, attracted my attention, "Help!……help me……I am tired of staying in Lagos……I want to go back to my village…….I need money for transport……… children have not eaten since morning……….help me please……."
She was sitting at the middle of the ever busy Awolowo way, with her two kids. The eldest of them should be about 5 yrs old, while the youngest, about eight months old or there about.
She was shouting at the top of her voice to attract attention for help. But curiously, nobody paid her any attention. Many people, that stopped to look in her direction, did that with a mixed attitude of suspicion and aloofness. I stood afar off for a while, trying to observe the reaction of people towards this "strange" woman. What I saw at that point, was a world that has completely lost the bond of compassion! Her cry of agony and the innocence of the hapless kids with her, could NOT even elicit any feeling of compassion from those multitude of people passing by20160616_121749
As I watched the scene, suddenly, a flow of compassion erupted within my being. I could not help myself gravitating towards her direction! I momentarily forgot, I was going to the bank for an important transaction. All I wanted to do at this point, was to reach out in love, to her and the innocent kids. In the full glare of the multitude of people, peeping at her, from afar, as if she was a strange "object" from the outer space, I walked up to her. "Madam what is the problem" I muttered. The moment she saw me, immediately, a dry smile, came up on her face ,as she responded." I want to go the village, I lost my husband five years ago, I don’t have a home, I can’t even feed these children. What I need now, is the money for transport, to take me back to my village. My mother is still alive. A man promised to give us money for transport fare, but disappointed us. Since morning, I have been calling his phone number, but he is not picking his call…………..”
“Okay, I will help you with the money, but first, I want to speak with somebody who knows you”. I enjoined. “Okay sir, give me your phone number, There is a woman in my area, she is close to me , I will tell her to call you. She will tell you about my condition. I am not mad; I am not a beggar sir. I am doing this out of frustration. Each time the children cry for food, I am forced to beg for survival. I don’t like doing this”. At this point, I gave her my number, and some money to buy food for the children, including the transport fare to take her back to where she stays. I needed to speak to somebody that knows her, to ascertain her state of health, and to also find out if she was a “professional” beggar or not. As I gave her the money she became so happy, and immediately she stood up, took her kids and headed back home, to give my contact to the neighbour that would call me……….
At about 1:30 pm, my phone ranged, “Hello” a woman, who introduced herself as Mrs Okenwa, answered, “ Oga, thank you sir. My neighbor told me that you promised to help her, she is my neighbor , I used to help her too, it is just that the family had abandoned her since she lost her husband …………..” She went on and on, to narrate the pathetic story of the woman’s misfortune.
“Okay madam, I just needed to know somebody that knows her. By next week, we are coming to your place, and you would take us to where she stays. By the grace of God, we would help her” I responded. “Oh! Thank you sir,God bless you……….” She was palpably exhilarated, as I dropped the call
My the special grace of God, next week, The Project-Help-a-Child team will pay her a compassion visit, to assess her condition, provide sponsorship for the kids, and also rehabilitate and support the woman to start a petty business. 
Beloved, we all can re-ignite the fire of compassion in us. This is what expresses our humanity and the nature of God in us. Let us be sensitive to the needy around us, and reach out in love towards them. This is our message. The pictures and stories of our activities are not designed to show off, to you what we can do, but, rather, they are strong pragmatic messages, to INSPIRE YOU TO DO LIKEWISE. I and my team cannot help all the people that are need in the world! But together, we can recreate the destiny of humanity by entrenching the culture of LOVE.
God bless you, as you support the Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign, by reaching out to care for poor children around you.
Together, we can create a world were no child lives in LACK 
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