Nattion of thousand-and-one prayer merchants

Nattion of thousand-and-one prayer merchants



Church-crowdThe swelling ground of moral decadence in our land, calls for judicious assess­ments. The yarn-fibres of our culture as woven in today’s world need pruning. From our education, to all sorts of conflicting and competing, uncensored, borderless indoc­trination: Our children are enraptured in a game of the mind. A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE!

Nature abhors excess of anything in its consti­tutions. So! This uncensored Religions-feeding frenzy on our youths’ mind needs to be cautioned. Yesteryears, our culture laid heavy emphasis on morality, above all, great values on education with religion on the peripheral. Today, religion has be­come the central crux of all matters, drowning our youths in a sea of escapism. This incapacitates their natural potentials. My grouse and reservations: We can not all continue to pretend all is well, when our Human-capital is very low and the quality dimin­ishing at an alarming rate; ask most employers of labour. Our youths propensity for salvation and fervent prayer- cures-all-mentality is even more alarming !And not particularly healthy in today’s challenging world; where realities of life and scien­tific innovations reign supreme.

The good Lord variously endowed all children at birth. Children who appeared less gifted at birth, even, in the impaired at birth. Lies, hidden treasures of inestimable values; untapped! Also those struck by all kinds of ailments and rare diseases, when unravelled from myth, it can be cured or tame able in discoveries of science: Professor. Stephen Haw­kins is a living miracle of science and technology, though, struck with Motor neuron diseases, para­lysed from his neck down, almost wasting. He is endowed with one of mankind highest IQ and science is living up to the billings of strengthening is resolve and abilities to function and live.

When given the right opportunities, understand­ing, expectations and hope, such challenges, often daunting and arduous, are not insurmountable. They have been known to wane, yielding to re­markable results. What we label and commonly de­fine as miracles in other words are not too far from realities of how far the human brains have pros­pered, from basic instinct; yet infinitely distanced from what the Lord has endowed us in each and every human beings. All will barely use less than one percent of this treasure in our life times. Nature or nurture. Thank God! Our great Lord has rested his case, in us that he made in his own image.

But, challenges in humanity, further stress the need of the human race to climb higher in the realm of reasons and research deepened, spread­ing and widened on our scholastic yard-stick in knowledge of discoveries and empowerment. An infinite hope of a greater tomorrow as we grow wiser and becomes more profound in mastering our world. I beg to submit. The good Lord in his infinite wisdom has endowed us all with so much we are barely scratching the surface of knowledge and possibilities.

A case in point: Former American President Jimmy Carter, while in office, delivered a lecture in a symposium held at Columbia University in New-York City in the mid-seventies. All Univer­sities students, particularly on the axis of Manhat­tan-borough, converged to drink from his cup of wisdom from the man on the highest office in the land. I particularly remembered our reservations, when he said, with all the privileged information at his disposals, that: In our life times, an audience of mostly youths in our twenties and early thirties with open minds yearning to learn. He said “In­formation on the US-NAVY will be programmed on a chip in a palm-held device.” The US-NAVY probably has the largest reservoir of information technology then or now of any single institution on planet-earth

That computers as we knew it then, which was as big as a twenty-feet container and each letter from the roll of print-out-sheets, the size of your palms. That best described the one in my Alma-mater: New-York Institute of Technology in the early seventies at Manhattan campus. That, the gigantic-computer will be reduced to something that can be held in the palm of our hands with more informa­tion capabilities; Most unbelievable!

Then it looked so far remote and incredibly dis­tanced in our minds. Too futuristic to be real. He now went on to top it by these claims: That there will be telephone handsets and cell phones; then there were mostly land-lines every where and phone-booths. Above all, that each individual’s telephones will have his or her own ringing tone has desired and varied!!! Helloooo! The audience all gasped in disbelief and went on chattering in whispering contest on the possibilities of such feat. The educated audience had it’s reservations as he continued with his speech. Just about forty years ago!

Now, for the benefit of the younger generations, and to those who were old enough to know and the bewilderment of his audience, that was thought an incredible and unbelievable miracle. In fact, the race in technologies has since turn the above into a child’s play. Well, all what the best technologies of earlier years could offer then was, London phones rang a distinct mono- ringing-tone! So was Ger­many and Nigeria. Besides, no cell-phones! Now, the facts, fictions and dream of cell-phones and ringing-tones is simply a miracle and the respect­ed world-statesman of high integrity, former Pres­ident Jimmy Carter is a living witness, just forty years after. This world statesman is still alive today, living his country’s predictions anchored on real­ity. Many killer diseases has since been tamed, on mere non -prescription treatments in some cases. Remember, Aspirin was once illicit!!! That’s the main analgesic ingredient today, that cures several ailments. That was quite a miracle!

Good-Lord! Please rain down on us more of such miracles and inventions in our land today, not pettiness of witch-crafts! Hallucinations and de­ceptions dammed-up in exploitation of the impov­erished masses. Challenges we can feel and that which changes our lives markedly with unlimited possibilities i.e the Internet! Now in retrospect, I would not be surprised if any of today’s IT icons were amongst of the audience at Columbia Univer­sity on that fateful day or read the speech wherever: Very young , Bill Gate, Steve Job or Larry Page? Most of today’s inventors were not even born then; Mark Zuckerberg and a host of other geniuses in Silicon valley. Their youthful ingenious minds could have been activated, prompted or summoned to the challenges posted by the august guest in the auditorium .

The Roman catholic churches, The Anglican protestant churches. The Baptist and Methodist churches; the orthodox churches are not made in heavens! Please!! But, they are movements in times. They are well-distilled and de nominat­ed faiths in religion by some of the finest minds that ever walked on earth. The canonised saints in ages, centuries before our times. In missions and movements spanning thousands of years ago. All have their hidden intentions, and great visions well buried in their altruistic and gospel missions well-aligned with their ulterior motives and de­sired goals; often accomplished. But time, the greatest teacher of all times quietly approbates and re probates the movements. Any wonder. The Anglo-Saxons protested and splitted from the Ro­mans’ and their wisdom on taxation.

Europeans enslaved us Africans and our minds in the name of Christianity, they are developing in all sphere of life, we are atrophy, wallowing in abject poverty on our continent! We are growing rapidly in RELIGION, but not faith in the Lord. They cen­sored other gods and our minds are still writhing in the throes of their civilisations, has preached eons of years ago. They were all saints, in all our souls’ saving missions, they claimed. History so revealed.

A case in point: Please, underline ANGLICAN in PROTESTANT CHURCH, stamp THE RO­MANS on THE CATHOLIC CHURCH and the culprits stare you clearly in the face. I am simply not too comfortable with any Italian, or British Saints telling me how to properly be anchored with God in their own image. The picture gets clearer under a microscopic scrutiny on religion, are you drifting along my reasoning? Centuries later, our Home- grown- Saints, are here too laundering our poor Souls at their Pentecostal cleaners of all Saints. In tents, warehouses, in the valleys and mountains, in Bukas and Duplexes, spitting fires and spittle of deceits. Their religious missions usually dammed-up in cold-greed and worldly in­tents and ostentatious life -style. My reservations is in the movements, not the liberty of individu­als. Sooner or later, reality may dawn on us like the pain of a wound received in an excitement which eclipses it. In their WORLD- TRADE- MIS­SIONS- OF- HOLINESS; A TAX FREE HAVEN! The merciful God knows best about their veiled intentions of spirituals and altruistic motives: Their Pentecostal noise is blocking our collective solemn prayers in supplication to the good Lord, enough of their theatricals in the land.

During Pope John Paul II last visit to England, few years back. The Pope lamented the growing secularity of his former colony. Sorry! Britain! I mean the Anglo-Saxons. No! He lamented the dwindling growth and fortune of the Catholic churches in Europe! Who now faces better edu­cated, implacable congregates who hardly attend churches these days. Trust the Britons, proud home of THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES!!!

During his last State visit. His Holiness Pope John Paul, that is. They politely and rightly so reminded him, His Holiness to go and remove the log in his eye before casting the speck out of theirs. The message was not lost on the most re­vered Pope, battling with series of unspeakable wrong life style amongst the flock of his disciples and followers world- wide; Homosexuality et al. Disciples and Preachers of all denominations, these days are very suave, very vast on verses, psalms and impressive hymns, waxing lyrical in various voices. The truth is, the world is at the cross-road of Religious facts and fictions equals perceivable myth . Now at a crossroads of analysis and in depth prodding and probing on facts in a growing world of communications. Fact is prowling the roots of faith, relentlessly in A-no-holds-bared, without batting an eye-lid, without fair or favour, ruthlessly devouring myth treasured over the centuries.

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