Nigeria:When will enough truly be enough?

Nigeria:When will enough truly be enough?



The Nigerian ruling class and its citizenry are indeed precariously pathetic. They rig elections, subvert the will of the people, shed blood and next thing they do, is an elaborate thanksgiving service in churches/mosques where the conspiring and equally complicit clergymen who are fair-weather priests cum business men pray and "bless" their reign, thanking God for the "grace" upon their lives. They further loot the commonwealth, mortgage the futures of youths and consolidate their hegemonic stranglehold on the nation's resources for the next four years, after which the vicious cycle continues. The ultimate losers in this unbridled foolery are none other than the downtrodden in the society.

A revolution is long overdue. Nations do not prosper unless its citizens are angry enough and willing to lose their lives in bringing about true change in the course of its affairs. The narrative has been left entirely to those who pillage us to depths unimaginable. They have practically designed and perfected systems of corruption which fiercely resist any form of change in the status quo. One in which decent, incorruptible minds are at risk of losing their lives in an attempt to tinker the weight and effects of corruption. France had a revolution in the late 1700s. The events leading up to the socio-economic upheavals in the country, are dwarfed by what we Nigerians have been facing since 1960. We have an amazing tolerance for those who stab us in the heart and foolishly applaud them each time they twist the dagger inches further. We would fight to the death defending those (APC-PDP) who conspicuously are intent on wiping us off the face of the planet through impoverishment, underdevelopment, unemployment etc.

The problems of Nigeria are in the minds of its citizens. When we get to the breaking point, perhaps things would take a different shape but I'm afraid, our tolerance for the inhumane is incredible. We never seem to have a tipping point. I mean, what manner of people would allow the looting of their country's treasury to the tune of billions in hard currencies while there is severe hunger, poverty, disease and a dearth of the most basic amenities in the land? What manner of people would contribute their hard earned wages in this particularly tumultuous economic clime to clergymen who overtly display opulence in the midst of penury? Well, when we begin to ask these questions, then and only then would we be cranking our slumbering potentials as a people ready to crack things up.