One Day…….. By Azemobor Gregory

One Day…….. By Azemobor Gregory



You will leave everything and everything will leave you. Your certificates, your money, your land, your store, your cars and even your beloved family, those who would do anything for you and those you would do anything for.

There was this story of a young man in America who worked so hard, (it is good to work hard, God loves hard working people) but he never had time for God, absolutely no relationship with God whatsoever, he was on his own and God was waiting for him to recognize that he created him. He was a successful business man, he worked hard till he made millions and became a millionaire before the age of 28. Family? , he never knew any sister or brother. His parents had died while he was still young to recognize them, only old pictures gave him an image of how they looked like.

        But ONE DAY, it happened, barely two years into his millionaire status, a truck knocked him down, he died instantly without settling the matter of eternity with his maker. He went straight to hell.

What happened after, a distant cousin he never knew came around and started filing papers for his belongings including millions of dollars he had garnered into his bank account. That guy succeeded and took over all his wealth, the money he never labored for. How sad. ONE DAY, it takes just one day to settle with your maker. Today is the day of salvation, be wise, turn your life to JESUS CHRIST who died and rose to save you. For God so loves you…… (john3:16) He has redeemed you……… Gal3:13. You can call upon his name and be delivered from hell, death, sickness, poverty, curses, failure, bad luck and every evil. You must be born again. (john3:3) Don’t be deceived, there is no salvation in any other except through Jesus Christ, repent and follow Jesus Today.