It has become the norm for Pastors to touch your forehead when praying
for you. Is this scriptural? Does it even make sense? Do you have to
touch my head before God can answer your prayers?

 And why do people shout and fall when being prayed for? How often
have we heard or used the term “falling under anointing? Which
anointing and what is falling them? Let’s critically examine this from
both the intellectual and biblical view point.

 Scripturally, you will find that almost everyone who fell down on the
floor was demon-possessed.

 The Pentecostals believe that when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, it
will powerfully overcome you, and slay you, and make you fall under.
This teaching has so much gained wide acceptance in Pentecostal
circles, that if you go to a Church where people don’t fall when the
Pastor is praying, the Pastor will be seen as not being powerful or
anointed. Falling under anointing is a proof of the spirit’s presence
in the service. This phenomenon, which is actually an emotional
charismatic display of absurdity, has eaten deep into the fabric of
the Church, and should be dealt with, once and for all.

 We are not discounting the fact that the Holy Spirit can do unusual
things. However, before we put a stamp of approval on a practice, to
be a normality instead of the unusual, we need to see if it is
promoted as such with scriptures and hence giving it a biblical
support so we can validate it as Christians.

 The problem today is many believe everything and every spirit. And
the bible clearly warns us against such, because it’s highly
dangerous. “Beloved,believe not every spirit,but try the spirits
whether they are of God;because many false prophets are gone out into
the world”1 John 4:1

 A critical study of the life of Jesus would reveal that he had power
to heal all kinds of infirmities and diseases, and he actually healed
them, but there is no record that those he prayed for were “slain in
the spirit”. The Apostles never asked an usher to stand behind those
they were praying for in order to catch them when they fall over. Do
we even see the Apostles touching people’s forehead for the purpose of
them falling under the anointing? What about blowing of air into the

 Let’s look at the cases of people who fell down when prayed for. In
Luke 4:33-34,we read ”And in the synagogue there was a man, which had
a spirit of an unclean devil, and cried out with a loud voice, saying,
let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth?
art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of
God. And Jesus rebuked him, saying, Hold thy peace, and come out of
him. And when the devil had thrown him in the midst, he came out of
him, and hurt him not” Many times when people fall down, it is clearly
a case of demonic possession, and they need God’s power to set them
free. And many scriptures will tell you that Jesus cast out those
demons by His word, and not by touching their forehead.

 Falling under the anointing (in most cases) is a manipulative antic
of the devil to subject people to demonic possession and influence.
Biblically, it is non-existent, and logically & intellectually, it
doesn’t make sense, although there may be a few genuine cases. I have
been to miracle meetings where people queue up in a “healing line” for
prayers. Almost every one of them fell down, but after few minutes on
the floor, the one with headache stood up still having the headache!

 Since it is generally believed that anyone who falls under anointing
in Church fell because he/she came in contact with the power of God,
why do they stand up from the floor with the same problems and
illness they had before being knocked down? No man encounters God and
remains the same. Let’s take a look at two explanations for the
“falling under anointing” phenomenon. They are THE SENSUAL & THE


This is purely physical contact between the man praying and the one
being prayed for. They push you hard on the forehead while praying.
And they will exert all their energy while pushing on your forehead
until you fall. Their goal is simple. They want you down by all means.
Your falling down is a proof that they are anointed! What a pity!


This operates in a very subtle and convincing manner. The Pastor
touches you on the forehead, and the demons under their command knock
you down, and then take control over you. Most people who fall under
anointing get up with headache, owing to the force with which they
were hit. This is one reason so many so-called Christian are possessed
by demons. Before the prayers, the Pastor will tell the person to
close her eyes, raise her two hands in an act of surrender. Surrender
to whom? Definitely not the Holy Spirit! A lot of Pastors do not even
touch your head. All they do is just wave their hand like a magic
wand, and down you go! Magicians in the Church! In some cases, he will
tell her to open her mouth also. Some will tell their members to
breathe in and out. These are all demonic strategies to open you up to
demonic possession. The fact that something is supernatural does not
mean it is Divine we should be very watchful of the places we go, and
the things we do.

My curiosity was aroused when I attended a Church program many years
ago. There were about six people who came out to be prayed for. The
Pastor prayed, and four people fell, but two of them didn’t fall. He
prayed, and spoke in tongues, and did everything to get them down, all
to no avail. He then made a comment I would never forget. He said “the
two of you were not slain in the spirit because you are strong-willed.
You have not yet learnt to completely yield and submit to the spirit.
And of course he wasn’t talking about the Holy Spirit!

When such incidence occurs, the next step is for the Pastor to
recommend two or three days fasting. Now, this is one of the most
deceptive practices in Churches nowadays. Fasting is a spiritual
exercise. When you fast, you are open. Fasting empties you. It subdues
your flesh. And when you are open, an evil spirit can possess you.
This is why people that were not used to falling under anointing
suddenly starts falling after being given fasting in the Church and
prayed for by the Pastor. While the individual is rejoicing that he is
being filled with the spirit, Satan is having a field day. One more
person down! Most people do not fall, because of the power of God in
them. They are loaded with the power of God, but they still go to
these fake men of God because they are ignorant of who they are in
Christ. So next time you are about going out to receive the “baptism
of the Holy Spirit”, or for “transfer of anointing”, you have to think
twice, because not everything that glitters is gold. There are so many
things I could say on this subject, but a word, they say, is enough
for the wise. Let me insert this quote from an anonymous source; “We
are not claiming that all examples of being slain in the spirit are
fakes, or responses to a touch or push. Many people claim to
experience energy or a force that causes them to fall back. However,
we find no biblical basis for this concept. Yes, there may be some
energy or force involved, but if so, it is very likely not God, and
not the result of the working of the spirit. It is unfortunate that
people look to such bizarre counterfeits that produce no spiritual
fruit, rather than pursuing the practical fruit which the spirit gives
us for the purpose of glorifying Christ with our lives. Being filled
with the spirit is not evidenced by such counterfeits, but by a life
overflowing with the word of God”.

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