“Please don’t watch me die”…pleads little Victor Ajagba

“Please don’t watch me die”…pleads little Victor Ajagba


DSC_0386Victor was born like every normal child into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ajagba. Joy and thanksgiving heralded the arrival of this great child. But something was obviously wrong with the boy’s health as little Victor was always falling sick on a monthly basis. As a result, he and the mother, Felicia Ajagba practically spent most of their days in the Lagos state general hospital, Ikeja. Initially, everyone thought it was the normal illness that babies were afflicted with, but it was more serious than that. Three months after Victor was born, the family received a shattering news- Victor was diagnosed of having a serious health disorder: he was born with a hole in the heart!

According to Mrs Felicia, she has been visiting the hospital almost on a daily basis to get whatever treatment she could for her precious child. Victor is now 11 months old, and has been living with this condition for 8 months now. Can you imagine the pain and suffering that this little boy is going through? He needs about 2.6million naira to undergo a corrective surgery in an Indian hospital, and the poor parents can’t afford that.

Felicia, who is an Isolo primary school teacher earns about 12,000 naira as her monthly salary, and since the birth of Victor, she has not been to work owing to the delicate nature of his illness. According to her, “for about 8 months now, I’ve not been paid a dime. It’s a normal thing, because I have not gone to work for that period of time. I have to stay at home and nurse my son. Even if I was still working, how many years would it take for me to save 2.6million naira from the 12,000 naira I’m earning?” she lamented. Speaking further, she said “my husband is a security man, and I’m a teacher. Victor is our 5th child, and life has been difficult enough as it was. I hardly eat or think of any other thing, but the life of my child. No mother wants to see any of her children die, no matter how many she’s got. The doctors said I should look for 2.6million naira. I’ve tried everything possible, but just can’t raise anything. If I can give my life to save my son, I would gladly do it!” We are hereby calling on you the reader to put yourself in this woman’s shoes. If Victor were your own biological child, would you allow him die? We can chose to save him, and give him an opportunity to fulfil his glorious purpose on earth, and we can chose to ignore him and let him die. I know you would agree with me that this sweet child deserves to live. Please let’s join hands and save this baby, because it’s very evident that Victor himself is very determined to live. Even though he’s struggling to breathe, and going through a tough time, we know he shall live up to his name. He shall be victorious over his challenges. Finally, may posterity remember you for the love you will show to this boy and the family. May Heaven reward you. You shall not lose any of your children!

To send your financial support, prayers, and professional medical advice to Mrs Felicia Ajagba, you can reach her directly on 07066900106,or 08055950730