IMG_20150730_121920_38While the arrival of a new born baby is always a joyous occasion characterized by merriment and festivities, the reverse is however the case for the family of Mr. Awodeyin Olasunkanmi owing to the situation surrounding the baby’s health.

On the 21st of July, (13 days ago) Awodeyin’s son, Daniel, was born in LASUTH. Like every normal child, Daniel cried for few seconds, then went silent. The nurses were scared that the baby was dead, but Daniel was determined to live, and choose to conquer death. However, few hours later, after some series of test carried out on him, he was diagnosed of having Birth Asphyxia. Birth asphyxia results when babies are starved of oxygen with reduced blood supply during birth, causing them a catastrophic brain injury as a result. The baby is currently at Mother and Child Specialist hospital where he is receiving treatment. Narrating his ordeal, the father of the child who works with a Micro Finance bank had this to say, “At first, the doctors told me he was born with jaundice, and needed to be treated. He was put in a machine for 4 days. Meanwhile, for every day my baby spends in the hospital, I pay fifty thousand naira.(about 250 U.S dollars) So far, I’ve spent about three hundred thousand, and the hospital called me yesterday to tell me that I have an outstanding debt of two hundred and ninety five thousand naira to clear. By tomorrow, they would add another fifty thousand naira to it. Look at me, how I would be able to afford such an exorbitant amount of money on a daily basis is what I can never tell” he lamented. Mr Awodeyin has been running from pillar to post ever since the baby was born in the quest of raising the funds to clear the accumulated and future bills. He expressed appreciation to some family members and friends who have in their own way assisted him in bearing the burden.

Conclusively, as well-meaning individuals capable of showing love to one another, we want to build a society where everyone is his or her brother’s keeper. Ask yourself this question, “if this baby were to be my baby, what would I do?”. Let’s reach out in love and support Mr Awodeyin with our words, professional medical advice, and our finances. Because it’s very glaring that this young man needs all the help and assistance he can get to save the life of his 13 day old baby, and also treat and take care of his wife who went through C.S. Remember, by tomorrow, another 50,000 naira would be added to his bills!

You can reach Mr. Awodeyin on 08034938971