” Please help us,life has been difficult since my Dad died”-cried little...

” Please help us,life has been difficult since my Dad died”-cried little Mutia


IMG_1844By Bennett Chukwuonu.

Mutia Siabu is a 12 years old pupil of basic 4 at Model primary school Ojota, Lagos Nigeria needs a sponsor to help her live a meaningful live, after the tragic death of her father. She lives at No 7, Bankole Street Oregun, Ojota Lagos. She lives with her mother with her 6 siblings.

Mrs. Tunrayo Saibu is the mother of Mutia, a widow with 6 children, a native of Esoka in osun state. She was married to one Mr. Dayo Saibu deceased. From the time she married her husband and till his demise five years ago, Tunrayo remained a full time, dedicated and loving housewife. She lost her husband through a protracted illness. The man was so bedridden to the extent that all their financial resources were exhausted. It took the intervention of friends and the sister-in-law to pay the hospital and burial bills when the husband finally gave up the ghost. And this was the beginning of Tunrayo’s travails.

The poor widow sells fruits at the road side every night to cater for all her kids. She makes a meager sale of between N1000- N1500 daily, with a profit income of less than N500. This is too mean for a family of seven to survive on! Theirs is a pathetic case of living from hand to mouth. Most times she faces the challenge of the government task force taking away or destroying her wares, only for her to start all over again. When the Project Help a Child team visited her, she was in agony narrating her ordeal in the hands of the government task force. “Look at me, a poor widow, where will I get money to rent a shop. They did not even pity my condition as a widow, they seized my wares even when I pleaded and cried.” She said amidst tears. According to Mrs Tunrayo, after that ugly incidence, the family was practically stranded. They had no money to feed any longer. There were times they had to stay hungry all throughout the day. Some of her kind-hearted neighbors would give them garri at times, which she would drink with the family to survive for many days. She was able to start her petty business all over again, when one good Samaritan, who used to buy oranges from her assisted her with the sum of N4,000.

This hapless family of seven live in a one-room apartment, in a slum, dirty environment that is visibly infested with all manner of diseases. You do not need to be a doctor to realize that the environment is not fit for human habitation! But, what will the poor woman do?  Since this is the only area she could afford cheap house rent. The deplorable state of living for this family is very unbearable. The Project Help a Child team was opportune to be there live and direct to assess and interview them after we were linked. This environment is obviously cholera-infested and the end product would be bad health condition.  It’s unimaginable for anyone to live in such an environment, let alone the children. What a pathetic world!

She lamented that, if her husband was alive, things would have been a lot easier for her and their children. For shelter, feeding and their education, she has been the only one struggling to shoulder all the responsibilities for many years now. As the children are growing up, the weight is becoming heavier. At times little Mutia helps her after school to hawk the fruits, and her sales boost the family income. Her cry is that the little income from her trade will not be enough to provide for her six children. “I want to appeal to kind-hearted individuals to please come to my aid. I need your help! Please support me and my children” she pleaded.

. Little Mutia, the third child of this woman needs a sponsor. As a sponsor, you would take up the full responsibility for her upkeep. This covers feeding, clothing, medicals and her education. As a sponsor, Mutia becomes your non- biological child, even though she lives with her mother. You could arrange to send monthly stipend to the mother for her upkeep. Mutia needs a father, you could be the one!. Please help Mutia to live a meaningful life to realize her dream of becoming a medical doctor. If Mutia and her mother are neglected by society, she could possibly end up with an unwanted pregnancy, considering the fact that she is already exposed to bad elements on the street through hawking. She could even end up becoming a prostitute or armed robber, if nothing is done to shape her future.

Project Help a Child is calling on all who believe in the principle of God’s love to come to their aid and take up the responsibly of sponsoring the little girl to achieve her greatness in life. Remember every child is your child, let’s give hope to the hopeless; Mutia’s future is in your hand. Please do not harden your heart to the plight of little Mutia. Our only true investment in life is the good we do for others.

Our duty as a humanitarian organization is to solicit for public support for people in dire need. Please call our Admin today, on 08084701414, so we could link you up directly to Mutia’s mother. We would provide you with her phone contact. You could call her directly or visit them on the address provided above, Please note that as a sponsor, all your assistance goes directly to the beneficiary parent or guardian. Our role, as organization is to facilitate the relationship.  .

About Project Help a Child

Project Help a Child is a humanitarian initiative of Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach( aka Voice of Change Network), a non-profit organization. The idea behind the project is help every poor child on the street live a meaning life, by linking them to kind-hearted sponsors who will cater for their needs. For further enquiries on our activities, visit www.vocinternational.com, call 08084701414. Secretariat address. 1, Bayode Oluwole Str. Balogun Bus stop, Ikeja