Project-Help-a-Child team empowers a widow, offers scholarship to her son

Project-Help-a-Child team empowers a widow, offers scholarship to her son



DSC_0627April 13th, 2016 will forever remain a memorable day for Mrs. Funmilayo Afolayan, a widow, and her son, Michael.. It was a day the Project- Help-a-Child team gave them a life line, by offering little Michael full scholarship covering his secondary school and university education. The widow mother was not left out, as the group also made cash donation to support her petty business

Project-Help-a-Child is an initiative of Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach, a humanitarian organization. According to the international coordinator of the group, Mr Azemobor Gregory, in a chat with VOCNEWS, he said  the idea behind the project was to encourage people all over the world to care and support the children of the poor. Speaking, during the time the organization officially offered the scholarship support to little Michael at its Ikeja-Lagos office, Azemobor said, “ what we are doing today, under the auspices of our Project-Help-a-Child initiative is to demonstrate, educate and inspire humanity to live in love with one another. As an organization, we do not have all the resources to care for all the indigent children in the world. If  a good number of people imbibe the core message of this project, then go ahead and sponsor poor children, I tell you very soon the world would experience a measure of peace and social tranquility”

 Also, in a personal chat with VOCNEWS reporter, Mr. Chukwuonu Bennett, The hapless widow tells the story of her life now and before the protracted ailment that lead to the untimely death of her husband. She said that her husband was poisoned while drinking with friends in a bar. When he got home that fateful day, his health condition deteriorated; he was taken to different hospitals in search for medical succor to bring him back to life until they finally got to the point where all effort to save him defiled all medical treatment. So the medical team suggested that they take him back home to try traditional therapy.


One week after the husband return back home from the hospital, he gave up the ghost. She further told VOCNEWS that when the husband eventually died, he vomited the poison with a pull of blood. August this year would make it 10yrs of the husband demise. Since then, she has been confronted with the harsh reality of struggling alone as a single parent.


 The widow also told VOCNEWS about her small scale business where she sells petty items in a kitchen- size shop that doubles as their living room. This petty business could barely feed her and the kids; there is no money to finance her sales. The widow said she sustained an arm injury in the process of helping people to wash floor, clothes and other house hold domestic works to augment their income in the past. So because of that, she does not have the ability to do hard work again. Her husband’s family  has never contributed to their welfare since the death of her husband.

 Voice of Change Network International presented some money as financial support to the widow to enable her inject life back into her business coupled with fact that his son have also been listed in the organization's scholarship program. Mr. Azemobor, the international coordinator, also prayed for the widow and her family, blessing them to excel and be successful in life and  also wished them long life.


Voice of Change members and partners were also at the secretariat to witness the epoch event which did not last more than one hour of ceremonial presentation of a cash support to Mrs. Fumilayo Afolanyan to assist in building her business financial capacity to lead a better life It was a colorful moment that brought profound joy to the widow and her son Michael