On Monday morning I was feeling stressed because I needed to go shopping for some of my family friends I volunteer to assist with their end of year Jamboree. I really don't like big crowds and tend to stay away from large department stores, crusades, concerts and shopping mallsmostly at Christmas time. However, I was determined to make the best of it and have a good dayfulfilling my promise. So I decided to stop playing a minds game with myself and set for the journey.

As we approach the Ikeja Mall, traffic was smiling from every entrance of the shopping arena; so amazing as if there was a free meal pickup for every Lagosian. we managed to endure the artificial road congestion. It was dusk, a sunset of the evening and the metropolitan lights where lit everywhere making the whole place look very elegant from a long range. Negotiating through the gangway there were so many hapless people sitting along the barricade. You can see truly how bitter they look and feel for an unjust society. Fear and inferiority complex cannot even allow them to sightsee round the architecture of the glamorous mall.

Inside the mall was like a market place, people almost climbing over each others for exorbitant purchases. It didn’t come to the consciousness of those spending lavishly inside that there are many outside the gate with little or no dime in their pocket. I’m quite sure I saw a couple who bought Champagne and the cost label was N 80, 000 (Eighty Thousand Naira)

At this time, I was very nervous that my accompany noticed me. I have to put them on hold, brought out my wallet and count how much was in there. I purchased some pastes, chicken and chips went outside and share amongst them within my capacity. I guess this is becoming a habit and life style for me. Therefore, I beg you children of God out there to show little kindness because this is season of love. Please don’t throw away your surplus food and don’t give out spoilt food to anybody because they have no choice. Give out food at the right time so it doesn’t get spoilt. I feel much fulfilled in my heart after putting smile on the faces of many sad ones out there.

I would actively look for and count the number of times and ways I saw people being kind. With this mindset, I witnessed so many, many acts of kindness: Drivers letting other cars into traffic; people taking shopping carts back inside; customers waiting patiently in a long line at the cash register; kind words spoken to cashier who was doing her best help people and greet everyone with a big smile; kind words spoken to children, and their parents; donations being made to charity works; gifts being bought for the giving tree, etc.

But this should go beyond that mostly times like this, if we open our eyes and our hearts to people around us just the way we always proclaim to open our heart to God, we will see the needy and always show little more kindness to them. Let’s not be only speakers and preachers, but be pioneers of the doers of the true love. I am confident that the New Year version will be better. Remain blessed.