So sad! Man died of heart attack while raising money for his...

So sad! Man died of heart attack while raising money for his child’s eye surgery



The child whose photographs is displayed here with the parents is Miracle Eyitemi. She is 2 years nine months old.  The eye problem started early this year. She was diagnosed of eye cancer. The infection had condemned one of her eyes. The doctors recommended an eye surgery on the affected eye, so that it would not spread to the other eye.

They were admitted into Kaduna Eye Centre for the surgery. The poor parents could not raise about N800,000 charged by the hospital. They stayed in the hospital for about 5 months while soliciting for public financial support. Eventually, the poor family got a public donation of about N450,000. But the hospital insisted that they would not do the surgery until the money is completed. The child was constantly in pain and this became very traumatic for the poor parents. Sadly on the 6th of December, 2016 the father of the child, Mr. Magistrate Eyitemi died suddenly of heart attack arising obviously from his inability to raise about N800,000 for a period of 5 months for his child surgery. What a cruel world!

Now when the hospital saw that the father had died, they then reluctantly, collected the N450,000 and did the surgery. Now the poor widow is left alone to cater for the child. She is overwhelmed with the burden of caring for the child left behind by her late husband. Mrs. Eyitemi needs money for the child’s post-surgery chemotherapy treatment. This could cost about N400,000 for 6 months. She also needs money to start a business to cater for herself and the child. For the past 10 months the child’s sickness had drained their meager resources. She had not worked ever since then, because she had to stay with the sick child. Please my good people this woman needs your help. Let us support her with our generous donations. God bless you as you do so. You could reach Mrs Eyitemi on 07039155543