Sunday service in a broken church

Sunday service in a broken church



Yesterday, in a small rural church, where the drummer happened to be the pastor's wife, I heard one of the most profound messages.

Before the pastor of the church started his sermon, he knelt down and lifted his eyes and head up to heaven and prayed from his heart. Afterwards, he preached impassionately for about 30 minutes.

There was no glitz and glamour from a glorious choir, a feverish audience or the bling of klieglights and video cameras. Yet, he delivered the message as if his life depended on it, as if he was speaking to three thousand people in a packed hall, and on national television.

In reality, he was only speaking to 21 adults/young persons, and about 12 children. He spoke without a microphone – there was no electricity, and probably the church couldn't afford a generator – but his voice reverberated round the small room with 35 chairs and two benches. As he preached, his interpreter, a young, sturdy man, delivered his translation with the same passion and gusto.

It was a lesson in humility, in maximising one's time and chances, in making the most of any stage or opportunity.

Stop waiting for that big, grand stage before you can be motivated to show the depth of your passion, skill/talent or quality of performance, all you need is a chance and a stage, no matter how small. Don't wait for the mic on the big stage before you shine. All you may need is an audience of one. Harness the power in your voice, of your potential, and the power of God backing you up, on any stage. What you do on the small stage prepares you for the big stage eventually. Be prepared, maximise what you have, where you are. Success is always birthed in the labour room where preparation meets opportunity.

Stay the course. It might be a mustard seed, but it has eternal depth. There are no limits to faith and boundless grace.


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