Team #CharityCityProject Empowers 36yrs Old Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma – A Widow Who...

Team #CharityCityProject Empowers 36yrs Old Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma – A Widow Who Sells Pap For A Living


“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

It was yet another day of joy for the family of the Chukwuma’s, meet Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma a 36yrs old widow, who lost her husband 8yrs ago and since then have been selling pap to survive in the streets of Lagos. She is a resident of NO. 10 Bolaji Towalade Street, Ogba, Lagos. And she stays there with her three (3) children whom all are girls.

She came in contact with the team when the team was about leaving Mrs. Blessing Afunaya’s place, when they went to present to her the cash donation by an anonymous donor for the house rent of her new place. Exiting Ipodo Market, Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma met with the team, and after explaining her ordeal to the team leader in the person of Mr. Gregory Azemobor and after listening to her, the team leader was moved to support her. Without further ado, the team leader awarded her a cash donation of N20,000 to add up to her business of selling pap and use part to take care of her children.

Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma been so happy thanked the team for coming to her aide and the team leader asked her to return all thanks to God, because did it for her not us. Mrs. Oluchi feeling so happy and relieved invited her beautiful daughters to come and appreciate our esteemed donors out there via a live video. And when they came, the convener Voice of Divine Truth Outreach in the person of Mr. Gregory Azemobor, took out time to ask the kids what was their aspiration in life?



The kids giving their different opinions from the eldest daughter to the youngest said they want to be a doctor, banker and millionaire respectively. The youngest daughter also said “she want to be a millionaire, so that she can have enough money to take their mother off the suffering she is going through.”

You have heard their story and you have seen God at work in the life of Mrs. Oluchi and her children, but must it end right there. You too can be part of the team of millionaire builders, together we can make these children dream come through, and we can do that through our good work of charity.

To donate to the family of Mrs. Oluchi Chukwuma kindly call: 08084701414 or 08087656176, if you can’t call you can as well whatsapp.

Join us today and lets come together and make this children dream come true.

#CharityCityProject is a goal!!!!