The End-Time Church- By Austin Edoho

The End-Time Church- By Austin Edoho


Most of us go to church every Sunday.We go to our fine air-conditioned church with tiled floor.And we sit and listen to the big grammar from our pastors who wear the latest designer's suit and shoes.After preaching about the secret to financial prosperity,he would ask you to come and "sow a dangerous seed inorder to provoke the blessing of heaven".This has become the pattern in almost all the services.A lot of christians have done some unethical things just to make money inorder to "sow" into their church.For how long shall this continue?Preachers are no longer interested in preaching against stealing,greed,fornication,and adultery, because it is either they don't want to "offend"their members,or they themselves are indulging in it.They don't talk about giving to the poor,staying away from people's husbands and wives.They don't preach against bribery and corruption.Most preachers have even endorsed pre-marital sex by advocating for "free dating"where a lady can go spend the night in a brother's house,inorder to study and know him better before marriage.What about divorce?It's becoming very rampant in churches,cos some pastors have managed to twist scriptures to support their immoral lifestyle.Please brothers and sisters,let's not get comfortable in any church that does not preach against lying,stealing,fornication,adultery,hatred,malice,and greed.You might enjoy the Air-condition,but you won't enjoy the heat of the fire!Let's ask God to help us,both as preachers and members of the church.Man of God,if God called you,he will provide for you.Stop mortgaging your conscience and destroying the souls of your members for money.Preach the Word of God in sincerity and holiness,and God won't let you beg for food!Don't be greedy for hummer jeep and private jet.Not everyone was meant to fly a jet.God didn't promise us private jets,but he promised to bless our food and water.What about church growth?Enough of trying to grow our church by stealing people's members.Let's do ministry the way our master did it.Let's move out to the streets,brothels,beer parlours,hospitals,prisons,refugee camps,and make disciples.Focus on Evangelism and community outreaches.This is the best way to grow the church.And daily,God will add to the church such as should be saved.Don't wait for them to come in,you must go out and bring them in!God bless you!




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