According to Forbes world billionaires’ ranking, the richest man in the world today is Bill Gate. His net worth is estimated to be about $78.4 Billion. While the richest man in Africa is Alhaji Aliko Dangote. His networth is $24.6 billion dollars.
Net worth as a yardstick for the measurement of their wealth refers to their total accumulated assets minus their total liabilities. In other words, your material accumulation determines how rich you are according to the world’s standard.
The world’s definition of riches is false.
The world defines riches by how much money or material wealth you accumulate or acquire. This definition of riches is contrary to God’s notion of riches. The problem with money or material riches is that it has a transient value. Its sense of enjoyment is momentary; it lasts for only a short time. Another deficiency of material riches is that it cannot procure true happiness and fulfillment in life.


5b21f1337e1561a665cf988d9bc602c6The richest man according to God’s standard is not the one that accumulates so much for himself, but the one that gives so much to others. And so in God’s list of the richest men in the world, you may be surprised that, both Bill Gate and Aliko Dangote may not feature among the richest. While that seemingly poor widow, who shares the little she has with others may be the richest in God’s estimations.


The poorest man according to God’ standard is the man who accumulates so much for himself without giving to others who are in need. It does not matter how much your net worth is; or the kind of mansion you live in or the exotic cars you drive. In the eyes of God, you are a miserable poor man! If all you live for is to provide for yourself and your family alone, in God’s reckoning, you have wasted the life He gave to you
Every life is a source of life to others. When you fail to share your life (what you have) with others, other lives that depend on you for sustenance may “die”. In essence, when you live a self-centred life, you are a “murderer” of life.
Nobody owns anything in this world.
Nobody in this world owns anything! God is the creator and the owner of the world. He owns everything in the world; both you and the accumulated asset that defines your “riches”
You came to this world naked, with nothing. Not even with a piece of cloth covering your nakedness. And when you die, you will leave behind all the “accumulated riches” you struggled to acquire while you were alive. What a life of VANITY! Meaninglessness!!
To think that you own anything in life is utter foolishness!
It is important we understand this TRUTH, so that our lives are not consumed by the virus of greed for worldly acquisition of riches
The deceitfulness of material riches
Riches are deceitful, because they appear to offer that which satisfies man’s needs. However, it is obvious that the one who aspires for riches creates for himself an insatiable appetite for more. It’s like eating honey – the more you eat, the more you want. Those who have an insatiable appetite for money can be easily seduced from the path of truth and they will experience “many sorrows” at the end.


God did not create anybody to be poor-to live in lack or penury. The economic system of the world that promotes individual accumulation and ownership of wealth created the rich and the poor
We have the poor because we have the rich! If the wealth accumulated by the rich is to be evenly distributed among the poor, we would have an egalitarian society where everybody’s needs are met. We would live in a world where nobody lacks anything; where everyone is happy and contented. This economic phenomenon is called a “Utopian” state. Though the economist argued that society cannot realize the ideals of a Utopian state, the truth is that God actually created a “Utopian world”, which have been corrupted by vain human ideologies and systems
Every good you do to others determines how truly rich you become in life
My dear friend, do you know that the only thing people remember when you are gone is how good you were to them. Nobody remembers the number of houses you built, or the amount of money in your bank account or the exotic cars you drove while you were alive.
The good you do to others lives in their consciousness. When you do good to others, you leave an “impression of your life” on them. And this “impression of your life” lives forever in the consciousness of others. And may even be transmitted from one person to another or from one generation to another
Many of us were not born when the late great Patriarch, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, provided free education for the old western region in Nigeria, and many poor people were able to send their children to school, and those children today, are prominent men and women in the society. That singular act of selfless leadership lives forever in the consciousness of both the beneficiaries and those of us who got the account through history. Even though he is dead, he lives on in the consciousness of most Nigerians.
So, how do you hope to be remembered? The choice is yours. And the good you do for others THE ONLY ETERNAL TREASURE IN LIFE
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