The secret of what I did to find a good wife: A...

The secret of what I did to find a good wife: A true life testimony


my name Is John chikezie and I was born in abject poverty. 
my father worked for the Nigerian Railway but was retrenched after 10years of his services without pension. 
my mother being the virtuous woman that she was took up the responsibilities, and when things got worse we relocated to the village where my father was rendered totally useless by household enemies , principalities and powers. 
He would come home drunk only to start beating my mother, stripping her Unclad in front of us, 
the children. 
My mother being a woman of virtue never uttered a word of complaint nor raised her hands against my father. 
You see one thing with you young ladies is that you don't keep your mouth shut and endure, young ladies are not aware that marriage is a parcel and whatever you see in it you take it like that. 
I must really applaud my mother for making me realize that there are indeed patient and loving women in the world. 
While my father was busy being the village drunk, my mother was busy raising us well and of course in the way of the lord. 
I got into the university and after four years I graduated with a good result, I did my NYSC in Lagos where I was exposed to evil social vices and Lagos girls who were only after a man's destiny. 
it was so sad that I broke my celibacy vow and lost my innocence to a lady of the night at ikeja, from whom I contracted gonorrhea, it took me a year to treat this punishment for the sins of the flesh , after I was done with my service it was hard securing a job, but thank God for Rev Ndubuisi who revealed to me that it was the lady of the night that was working against me , I was delivered and redeemed .
After my deliverance I cried at the feet of Our Lady Fatima and on that spot I renewed my celibacy vow. 
In 2005 I got a job that I excelled in and was promoted as the area manager ,I didn't want to work for someone, so when I saved enough money I established my own business which became successful after two years. 
In 2008 I decided it was time for me to settle down (marry) .
I had already built and furnished my house but still stayed in my one room apartment, I didn't want a woman who would love me for my money. 
I met my wife in December, she was a chorister, shy and dark-skinned, she reminded me of my mother but I wanted to be sure so I began my test… 
the first test was when I shouted at her In public, she kept quiet and the next day came to me seeking for peace even though I was clearly the one at fault. 
She had passed the "character test "
the second test was when I gave her a thousand naira (1000) to cook my favorite soup, do you know that she cooked a wonderful soup with that mediocre amount of money. 
She had passed the "Cooking and Managerial test"
I couldn't believe it! 
she was just too much! 
I went into my prayer closet 
where the final test was revealed to me.. 
I asked her to move into my apartment…. 
she was hesitant at first 
but complied later 

do you know that all through her stay in my house she slept in the kitchen ..
for one-week she slept there on the ground… 
I became sure that she was the one… 
she had passed the " Fornication test "…
on the last day of her night in the kitchen 
by 12am I lifted her 
and said
"you are my wife "
and that was it! 
after a few weeks I married her… 
even though she wasn't a virgin. 
I'm glad


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