The vulnerable ones!- By Bright Nnaeto

The vulnerable ones!- By Bright Nnaeto



The 12th of June every year is World Day Against Child Labour. Established by the International Labour Organization, ILO of the UN, the World Day Against Child Labour is a day to raise public awareness on the need for concerted global action to end the exploitation of children and other things that jeopardize their future and consequently make them thorns on the flesh of entire humanity. Of course, better it is to prepare a child today, than to repair an adult tomorrow.

Fellow Volunteers of PICK A CHILD PROJECT-NIGERIA, we are happy today to announce to you, THE VULNERABLE ONES Campaign.

To mark this year's World Day Against Child Labour, PICK A CHILD PROJECT-NIGERIA is going out to not just sensitize our people, especially parents on the need to shield their children from child labour & negative influences that could jeopardize their future, but also to identify these children, connect one-on-one with them and their families and render the little assistance she can to take them off the streets permanently.

Last year, we did it. This year, we're gonna do it. We're poised to do that. It's a youth campaign for the child – the Nigerian child, the African child. It's a campaign against all forms of child labour such as street hawking, bus conducting and other menial engagements that some children are subjected to by their parents/guardians in the name of making ends meet.

Some children have been turned into bread winners of their homes by their parents/guardians at the detriment of the child. 
We have discovered that most of these children live with people who are not their biological parents.

Some parents too, appear to be ignorant of the dire consequences of subjecting their children to the vulnerabilities of child labour. These less privileged families see their children hawking as the only means of livelihood. This for us, is not the way forward.

Therefore, we are calling on all Volunteers of PICK A CHILD PROJECT in Uniben(Ugbowor & Ekewan Campuses) and other tertiary institutions in Edo State, and indeed all other well-meaning, Godfearing & patrioctic Nigerian youths to join the campaign on that day. Join the train on that day and lend ur voice to d cause of the child & reach out to these families for Good. To secure d future, we must first secure d child.

On that day, we shall connect one-on-one with some of these vulnerable children from less privileged/dysfunctional homes & their families to chart a new course for their lives.
Nigeria will be better!

Campaign schedule coming up shortly. Plan to be a part of this campaign.

For Enq., Partnership & Sponsorship,


Bright Nnaeto
(Principal Volunteer – PICK A CHILD PROJECT-NIGERIA)