We are set to build a free university for the poor in Nigeria, says Azemobor



    A humanitarian organization, Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach aka Voice of Change Network, is set to build a free university in Nigeria, to assist the education of the poor and the less privilege members  of the society. The tertiary institution will be built exclusively for indigent youths and it will be 100% tuition-free.

    Voice of Change Network is an organization with a divine mandate to propagate the virtue of love amongst humanity. In furtherance of this noble cause, the organization has embarked on series of humanitarian projects to practically demonstrate the virtue of love, especially to indigent kids, widows and destitute. Some of the projects include: sponsorship advocacy for indigent kids; Cloth bank project to provide free clothes and other household item to the poor; financial support to provide free medical service to kids with critical ailments amongst others. The organization is obviously on a mission to correct the numerous socio-economic imbalance and inequity that exist in society

    The International coordinator of the group, Azemobor Gregory, who spoke extensively with the media revealed that the organization’s vision is to build a Charity City that would be a microcosm of God’s Kingdom on earth. According to him, the city would have facilities such as: free 5000 housing units for destitute; free cloth bank; free food bank; free food kitchen to feed 20,000 people daily; free hospital; free rehabilitation and empowerment centre for street children, drug addicts, area boys, prostitutes and ex-convicts among others. The Charity City will also provide free education for poor kids and youths through its free primary/ secondary schools and tertiary institution.

    Azemobor stated that, “Since it has become almost impossible for the children of the poor to access education in Nigeria, owing to the dwindling fortunes of our public schools and the astronomical fees charged by private schools, we are compelled by humanitarian compassion to set up free schools for the less privilege. It is so unfortunate that even the government universities are no longer affordable nowadays and the faith-based institutions are also beyond the reach of the poor. As a people we must consider the welfare of the poor amongst us and ensure that we cater for them. If we neglect them, they could turn around to hunt society through social vices”

    “Speaking further he said, “we are putting machinery in place to launch the free school project and by the grace of God, by the year 2020, the free university will kick off. Let me also use this opportunity to invite public spirited individuals and corporate organizations to partner with us in actualizing the free school project. I tell you, this project provides an opportunity for ‘kingdom investment’. Whenever you give to the poor, you make an investment for eternity. It is the only investment that God pays dividend for. Your earthly investment does not attract God’s dividend. So be wise!”

    To partner with us visit www.projecthelpachild.com, www.vocinternational.com.