Wealth Academy in collaboration with Voice of Change Network holds a one...

Wealth Academy in collaboration with Voice of Change Network holds a one day business seminar


DSC_0749By Austin Edoho,Lagos

“When your mind is blind, your eyes become useless”

This statement held everyone in the well-packed hall spell-bound! Yes, they had gathered yesterday Saturday at the Unity hall of The St Barth’s Anglican Church,Surulere,Lagos to learn the principles of wealth creation, but they got an overdose of what they expected, as Mr. Azemobor Gregory, the President of Voice of Change Network mesmerized the participants by regaling them with stories of how he started out as an ordinary marketer or sales representative, to becoming the CEO of the largest online marketing company in Nigeria. He shared insights from the experience he garnered on his way to becoming who he is. Mr. Azemobor had to drum it into the consciousness of the participants that the geographical location with the highest rate of problems is the place with the highest opportunities, owing to the fact that the more problems you solve, the more money you make. In his words, “Nigeria is a perfect place to make money when you consider the various problems begging for solution.When you hear about wealth creation, what should come to mind should be problem-solving and value creation. Because when you create value, people will gladly pay for it. So stop chasing after paper money which is only a store of value, and start looking for ways to solve the numerous problems around you. That is the secret to wealth creation” In attendance were civil servants, business men, job seekers, the clergy, etc. This free training seminar is in line with Voice of Change’s mission to empower one million Nigerians come 2020 through its FREE business and financial empowerment consultation/training.

The event which was put together by Wealth Academy Global Initiative in collaboration with Voice of Change Network was aimed at educating the participants on the various wealth creation and business opportunities such as Agro business opportunities, social media marketing, job fair, and entrepreneurship.

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