A Humanitarian Group Turned A Beggar Into A Petty Food Seller

A Humanitarian Group Turned A Beggar Into A Petty Food Seller


“The life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service.”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The 25th Day of August, 2018 will always be a remarkable day for the Akinbode family, because that day marks the beginning of good things in their life.

At exactly 11:10AM the Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach stormed No. 1, Balogun Street, Olabua Compound at Orile Agege, Lagos. To act on their promise of lifting out of poverty, the widow that approached Mr. Gregory Azemobor the team leader and International Coordinator of the organization, to ask for money to feed herself and her children.

On getting to their place we met the woman and her children lying down on the floor in their room, hearing our voice and sighting the organization’s Admin Officer, she jumped off the floor and welcome the team to her place, and we all converged at the veranda of her compound.

The International Coordinator stating the purpose of our visit to her through the help of her sharp and very bright daughter Sarah, who served as our Yoruba interpreter to the mother. The Coordinator also inquired from her, that if she is been supported with the money that she was looking for to start her food selling business, when is she going to start and where is going to be selling it at. Of which she said by Thursday and she is going to be selling it very close to her friends shop, still around Orile Agege axis.

The Coordinator inquiring further about her children’s education, she told the Coordinator that her daughter Sarah is going to J.S.S 1 and her other son Samuel who should be about 6yrs old was in school before but was driven out of school due to her inability to pay his school fees and get him school uniform. The Coordinator then told her not to worry that all will soon be fine and the organization will look into the issue of the children’s education.

Mr. Gregory Azemobor then presented a cash donation of ₦30,000 to her on behalf of the organization and attached to the money he handed her an iTel mobile phone with a Airtel registered sim card with mobile number: 09075871710, and told her that the organization and well meaningful individuals who will be willing to help will reach-out to her through the number. He also went further to admonished her to make judicious use of the grant that has just been given to her, that with it she can better the lives of her 3 children and herself.