A Self-centred Life is a Wasted Life!- By Azemobor Gregory



    Everything God created was designed to give back to life. This principle ensures the survival and the sustenance of all of God’s creations. There is an inbuilt mechanism of interdependence on earth. Everything depends on each other for survival. Let us use the process of photosynthesis by plants, as a case study. We were taught in elementary biology that plant, through the process of photosynthesis utilizes the resources of sunlight ( from the sun), carbon dioxide( from animals) and nutrients( from the soil) to produce carbohydrate( food). Now, theplant uses part of the food it produces for its own nourishment, and it is mandated by nature to store the excess as fruits(food), because man and other animal would have to depend on that food for survival.

    If the sun refuses to give out sun light, plants will not be able to produce fruits; if plants refuse to bear fruit, man and other animals will starve to death; If animals refuse to exhale carbon dioxide, the process of photosynthesis by plants will be impeded. Can you see the complex web of interdependence designed by nature?

    Similarly, the principle of interdependence also applies to human existence. We were created by God to depend on each other for survival. No man can survive on his own! We all need to support and help each others to survive, and this is what necessitates the economic exchange of goods and services and the invention of business activities.
    Please kindly note that you were not just created by God, and given the precious gift of life, to live for yourself and your family alone. You were created to be a blessing to others. Your life is ‘a resource’ to sustain the life of others. A popular maxim says “ YOU ARE BECAUSE I AM, I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE”. This is the truth about our life!

    Many of us live life as if it belongs to us. Do not deceive yourself. Your life belongs to God, and you will have to give account of it someday, whether you use it to meet your selfish ends or to serve God’s purpose by being a blessing to others, will ultimately define the worth of your life.
    We also erroneously believe that we have ownership to things on earth. But what we do not know is that, the one that own our lives is actually the owner of everything on earth. That beautiful house or that exotic car you think you own, which you are quick to show off to your friends on facebook, you would die one day and leave them behind. Please don’t allow your life to be controlled be the vanities of mortal existence.
    Please kindly permit me to be a little bit blunt here, so as to succinctly communicate some hard truth to you.
    If you live for yourself alone, without being a blessing to others, you have succeeded in living a wasted life. Your life becomes a tragedy of sort! It does not matter your status in society; the gorgeous houses you have; or the exotic automobile you drive, your life is a colossal waste as far as God is concerned. 
    Albeit Einstein captures the essences of life when he said “ a life lived in the service of others is a life worth living”.

    To you, a self-centred life is normal, but to God you are simply USELESS!! You are just merely occupying space and wasting His resources. Please follow me with an open mind so as to reorder the priorities of your life today! Tomorrow may be too late. Could you kindly do some introspection about your life right now, and ask yourself some frank questions: since you were born, how many people do you think have benefitted from your life? Be sincere about it. Can you count them? How many are they? I am not talking about your immediate family members. I mean people that are not related to you in anyway- if you like, total Strangers. The answer is yours to ponder on………..
    Finally to my beloved religious brothers and sisters, please kindly note that God is not interested in your religion and the rituals that you practice, but He is only interested in the good that you do to others. He would be glad if your life ultimately becomes a blessing to others as a sine qua non to the fulfillment of your purpose on earth.
    The greatest ‘religion’, if you ask me, is service to humanity. PLEASE BE WISE!
    God bless you all
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