Inspiring!Meet a deaf beautiful woman that sells vegetable( Ugwu)

Inspiring!Meet a deaf beautiful woman that sells vegetable( Ugwu)



This beautiful lady sells vegetables (Ugwu), the first day I got to her place, she was sitting and taking care of her baby and not looking to see if she has new customers, so I got there and said "madam I wan buy ugwu" the lady did not reply, I repeated this for close to 10 times, I was getting angry, in my mind I said this woman is not a serious business woman, how can you be selling and not paying attention.

Suddenly she raised her head and started apologising with sign language, my big shock she could neither hear or talk, she refused to sit at home, but decided to become diligently engaged than beg or be pitied.

Since that day, I buy all my ugwu from her to support her business, also her ugwu is even cheaper than the others in the market, why? because she cannot hear all our complaints of Change in Nigeria, she buys makes good profit and comes back the next day.


Three lessons I learnt.
1. Let us not be quick to judge people, because you do no know their personal challenges.

2. Self pity will never take you any where rise up and make things happen, push that closed door until it opens or create a new door, no time for laziness.

3. Don't let negative comments and people destroy your dream, some times you just have to form deaf ears to shut them out your life.

4.Rise above your challenges today, use it as a stepping stone, to achieve your purpose in life.

My advice to you sitting down there complaining and waiting for Manna to fall, better wake up from your slumber, don't be lazy, no food for lazy man.

You are complaining you have no work, you sit down at home all day watching TV, and one girl from the village in thesame house with you is collecting 25-30k to take care of your sisters children, what stops you from taking the 30k to take care of your sisters children.

Have a BLESSED WEEK friends.

See her smile so pure and infectious.

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