Pastor Dapo Ajike:  Preaching the ‘gospel of service’ to his community

Pastor Dapo Ajike:  Preaching the ‘gospel of service’ to his community




DSC_0250Dapo Ajike, the pastor of Jesus Mission World Outreach a.k.a Jesus Mission Revival Ministry talks about his church partnership with the Good Samaritan, a humanitarian organization with a unique vision to support and give hope to the hopeless by providing free medical services to the poor people in his community. In an interactive chat with the VOCNEWS reporter, Miss Zainab Babagida, he shares his motivation and vision for impacting the society positively as an effective tool of evangelizing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What actually motivated you to start this program of helping the people?

My inspiration about this humanitarian service started way back 1998 in my school days when I was doing my NYSC in Anambra state. I happened to be the state prayer secretary in the NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corpers' Fellowship) then in the state. The bible tells us in the book of act 10:38, “how God anointed Jesus Christ to do good, healing those that were oppressed by the devil because God was with him”  I believe that one of the ways that we could show that we are really true followers of God and good members of the society is for us to do good to others; just the way our savior Christ did while on earth.

The NCCF (Nigeria Christian Corpers' Fellowship) used to organize and do what is called ‘royal rugged evangelism’. They organized crusade to preach the gospel of Christ, giving health support to the communities. We go to remote villages where the people don’t know about Christ; where there are no electricity and hospitals. The fellowship organizes and pays visits to the communities with professional health crew, like doctors, nurses and opticians to give free medical assistance to the rural dwellers. These indicated the practical nature of the gospel that we preached. Being the state secretary for prayers, I was always in this outing and each time we carried out this evangelism visit, I always saw the impact it had on people, as a way of giving back to the society.

DSC_0242When I finished my NYSC, personally I decided that this was the projects I would do when God blesses me, because at that point in time, I was convinced that I have a calling from God. When God gave me the privilege to become a minister of God here in Jesus Mission world outreach, I said would occasionally embark on programs and projects to give back to the society and that would help to fulfill my assignment for the kingdom of God.

Since you have been involved in this kind of programs, what have been the responses of the beneficiaries in your community towards the good works you have being doing?

This program is a voluntary assignment as mandated by the Lord Jesus Christ; we are not expecting any reward from the beneficiaries. The community always appreciates our kind gesture; the turnout is always impressive even the last one which was organized in 1st October, 2015. We always start very early in the morning and no closing time, so we make sure that everybody present is attended to. Our targeted achievement is to see that the people in this community are assisted to solve their medical problems that normally are not affordable for a common man. The chairman of this Aboru community sent us an official letter of appreciation. Thanking us and saying that many churches have been here and none ever contributed in community development. We also have a lot of testimonies to glory of God for the work we do.

DSC_0258What are the challenges you have passed through trying to organize this kind of exercise, since putting people together is always a big task?

To manage people you need wisdom because humans are the most difficult animals to deal with, but since its God’s given vision, he knows how to fulfill his word. God has always being helping us and it has been easy for us to get people around to carry out the vision. We have not really had much challenge in the line of duty. God provides all the finances that are needed to accomplish any task. 

What is your advice to other churches or religious organizations on how to become more responsive to community service?

Quite frankly, I think the church which is my immediate constituency is not doing enough. I think the hallmark of the gospel should be love shown through selfless service to the people. The major reason why we have chosen this model of “practical love” evangelism is perhaps to set the pace for other churches and especially my colleague in the kingdom assignment to emulate.