The Good Samaritans offer free skill acquisition for people in Dopemu-Lagos community

The Good Samaritans offer free skill acquisition for people in Dopemu-Lagos community





2nd  April, 2016 was a day of joy for the people of Dopemu community, Lagos, as Open Heart Samaritan Mission aka The Good Samaritans,a humanitarian organization, visited them with a life changing empowerment program.

VOCNEWS correspondent, Ms Zainab Babangida, who was at the event, had a chat with the coordinator of the group, Mr. Favor Omomuwa, who gave an insight into the core vision of the organization. Hear him “Open Heart Samaritan Mission aka The Good Samaritan is a non-profit, humanitarian organization established to propagate the philosophy of being ‘our brother’s keeper’. We live in a world that is so consumed by the “cancer of self-gratification”. People don’t care for each other. Love as a moral ingredient for peace has become extinct. The reason why so many people  suffer all manner of misfortune, is because the refusal of humanity to live in love as commanded by our maker.

 We cannot afford to continue on this path of rebellion that would ultimately lead humanity to self-destruction. The Good Samaritan is out, to teach the world once again, how to live in love with one another. To pragmatically communicate this ‘gospel of love’ to the world, we have embarked on series of live-touching projects to bring succor to the poor. Last month also, we were at Aboru community, Lagos with free medical outreach. Over one thousand people benefitted from the exercise”


Mr. Omomuwa further stated that the empowerment program was designed for everybody irrespective of their tribe or religion. He however lamented the low turnout of people to the event which presented a beautiful opportunity for them to harness profitable business ideas that would help them to overcome the challenges of financial struggles. The desire of the organization is to provide real empowerment for people to be able to pay their bills and earn meaningful living, he added.

According to Mr. Omomowa, the resource persons that came to train the people were paid solely by the Open Heart Samaritan mission group, apart from Mr. GREGORY AZEMOBOR from the Voice of Divine Truth Int’l Outreach that’s a partner organization, who offered free training. The resources used in paying the trainers and buying the materials for practical training was provided by the contributions of the members of the organization

Mr. Azemobor Gregory , the international coordinator, Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach, gave the opening presentation that centred on motivation and entrepreneurship tips. He gave a touching story of how he founded his business conglomerate, Bethelmendels International Ltd, from a humble beginning, with a seed capital of N20,000, he borrowed from his mother. He further shared some powerful nuggets that would aid the participants in building their businesses and achieving financial freedom.


After the general motivation session, the participants broke into different classes according to the various practical trainings available. These included:  animal farming; catering/event decoration; soap making among others

  One of the trainers, Mrs. Funmilayo spoke to this reporter, “I am an entrepreneur, I was invited to this program by the coordinator, to come and impact practical knowledge on the field of my profession which is toiletries. I am so impressed with the program especially with the people that I trained, they are determined, focused and willing to learn. And I am sure they will not only learn but also put what they learnt to practice ".

 VOCNEWS reporter also caught up with one of the beneficiaries of the program, Mrs. Odiana who appreciated the organizers. She said she was invited through a text message two days before the event from an unknown source. In her words, “The program indeed, was a life changing one to everybody that is here today to learn and put what he or she has learnt into practice, and especially, if you also work with the business tips lecture that was given by Mr. Gregory”

The woman further stated that, she was so inspired when Mr. Azemobor gave his business talk, and she had the feeling that life would never remain the same again after the training. She also appreciated the organizers of the empowerment program and prayed that the Almighty God would give them knowledge and wisdom to continue to do the good things that they do. The training ended at about 6:oo pm in the evening after a rigorous practical session that saw all the attendees leaving with joy and satisfaction that their time spent during the program was indeed worthwhile.

With this noble gesture of empowering the people in Dopemu community, The Good Samaritans have once again demonstrated their resolve to positively impact society and set the pace for good works.