The Touching Story of a Widow Who Walked Into Our Office Appealing...

The Touching Story of a Widow Who Walked Into Our Office Appealing For Assistance


Mrs Amaka Okeke, is a young widow, who lost her husband, a police officer serving in Plateau State, to a tragic illness in November. Since then, life has been painfully difficult for her and her lovely twin daughters.

In order to survive, she took to selling Okpa (Maize cake), which she hawks from place to place and the little money she makes from the business is barely enough to cater for herself and her children. She lives in Ogba, but most times she would have to trek to Ikeja, and Oregun carrying the food on her head looking for whom to buy.

On this fateful day last week, after she had spent hours trekking all around Ikeja, with no sales and considering the fact that she would need to go back home with some food for her kids, she stumbled on the banner display of our Widow’s Empowerment Project, at the entrance of our office gate.

Without hesitation, she dashed into our office requesting to see us for a possible assistance. The Admin officer, who received her, said she broke down immediately crying bitterly while narrating her ordeal.

Mrs Amaka Okeke with her tray of Okpa (Maize cake) at our office compound.

“Please help me I am a widow, this is what I sell (showing the Okpa), since morning I have not sold anything and I don’t know how to face my kids if I go home this evening without buying some food for them…” she broke down again crying more profusely. It took the Admin officer and some other staff in the office almost an hour to calm her down, assuring her that we would visit her and offer any assistance to her within our capacity. Eventually, she was given some money to buy some food to feed the kids for that day, with a promise to visit her the following day.

The following day, The Admin Officer paid her visit, to know where she lives and also confirm her story.

Mrs Okeke is a resident of 28, Moyoagoro Street, off Kayode Street, Ogba, Lagos. She is 40yrs old and before the demise of her husband, they both had a set of twin girls – Faith and Favour. Her husband was a Police officer who was posted to Jos, Plateau State, where he had a stroke in 2013 and finally passed on 2 years after.

Mrs. Amaka and her twin during the Admin Officer inspection at her place.
Faith and Favour – beautiful daughters of Mrs. Amaka Okeke.

After the death of her husband, life became turbulent. She was down with Appendicitis which led to a surgical operation. Luckily, she was able to afford the operation, some of her church members and her immediate family supported with some money. The little money she saved while working with Multi-choice Communications as a cleaner went down with the ailment.

She was even advised by the doctor not to engage in any hard labour that could complicate her medical condition. But the need for survival had pushed her to hawk which could adversely affect her condition.
Now she has no money and her daughters are no longer going to school because she can’t afford to pay for their school fees. They are just 6yrs old, but they are very intelligent and beautiful. Mrs Okeke has also been pursuing her husband’s entitlement from the Nigeria Police Force since 2015 till now without much success. So sad!

Mrs Amaka Okeke’s story is heartbreaking, indeed!

Today, the Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach Team will be visiting her to make a presentation of ₦20,000 to her, to enable her to start a more profitable business. She intends to start selling cooked food like rice, beans, etc…
Beloved, Mrs Okeke needs more assistance: her kids are out of school; her house rent has expired since 2017 (she is lucky to have a landlord that is considerate), her business can be expanded.

Please join us to lift Mrs Amaka and her family out of poverty.

God bless you as you hearken to the call of humanity.