Voice of Change Network organizes free seminar, empowers widow

Voice of Change Network organizes free seminar, empowers widow


















As part of its projects to impact society and make the world a better place, Voice of Change Network International (VOCNI), aka Voice of divine Truth Int’l Outreach , on the 16th  of January 2016, organized a free empowerment training for Nigerians’ business people, employees  and  Job seekers. The seminar took place at the international secretariat of VOCNI, in Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, the international coordinator of VOCNI, Azemobor Gregory, who gave the opening remark, stated that it has become absolutely necessary for the organization to embark on free business empowerment trainings because of the high incidence of unemployment and poverty in our society. He observed that the biggest problem we have in Nigeria and other developing African nations is the value we place on information and knowledge. Hear him, “we are poor as a people, not because we don’t have natural resources, but, because we don’t have knowledge resources. Majority of people in Nigeria don’t value information or knowledge as an essential ingredient for personal or business success. Instead of searching for relevant knowledge to enhance our businesses and personal lives, we resort to superstition and religiosity. No wonder the ‘prayer industry’ in Nigeria is growing in leaps and bounds”. Speaking further he said, “We at Voice of Change, need to rescue our people from the hands of religious con men masquerading as ‘men of God’ deceiving gullible people with ‘prosperity crusades and prayer breakthrough’. Any dummy that has the right information can make money. Financial success is not a rocket science. When you have the right information, making money becomes easier. It is time Africa Nations began to develop their ‘knowledge resources’ and VOCNI intends to play a pivotal role in that paradigm shift”

The Director of Administration of VOCNI, Mr Raphael Nkwocha, who was the facilitator at the event made an excellent presentation that enraptured the audience. He started by looking at time as a resource that is given to us by God, which we don’t have control over, and it is exhaustible. Hear him, “ it is important for us to realize that time is a free resource given to us equally by the creator, but what we do with it or how we spend it is entirely our responsibility. Both the rich and the poor have 24 hours in a day, but the difference is that the rich invest time while the poor waste time. It has often be said that time is money. This is the consciousness that guides the rich to spend their time on productive endeavours. But the poor have no value for time-they just drift through life without direction or definitive goals”  speaking further, he enjoined the participants to shun activities that are chronic time wasters such as social engagement, idle conversation, lengthen hours of television viewing, etc. He went on and on dishing out nuggets of truth in the area of effective time management that got a resounding applause and standing ovation, when he finally concluded his presentation at exactly 2:00pm.

IMG_0012The highlight of the event was a cash donation presented by Azemobor Gregory, international coordinator, VOCNI, to a widow who attended the training event. The cash donation was to enable her start a petty food business that will empower her to cater for her children. She was full of profound appreciation, when she received the donation, “ may God continue to bless this organization, as they have remembered me, a poor widow, today” she exclaimed. The programme came to a close with the attendees and VOCNI taking a group picture.

The free empowerment programme is a monthly event VOCNI. For enquiries on how to participate, please call the Project Administrator on 08084701414

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